January 19, 2013


We have lived in London all of our lives and we couldn't imagine living any where else. There is something about living in a capital city that allows you to have the freedom to explore, have the chance to see the greatest city everyday! At the moment we both live in south west London - the perfect location that is away from the sometimes overwhelming city centre. We have direct access to the district line on the London underground which is great as we can get around everywhere (well depending on when Transport for London don't decide to strike or close all tubes down!) as many Londoners will know transport never seems to be on your side!

Both Jess and I wanted to give you a weekly London snapshot of a part or place within London that you should visit, even though as many of you are Londoners, like me I'm sure you haven't visited everywhere! (you deserve a medal if you have, as i'd be exhausted!) This year on our hit list of London adventures that are waiting to be had is a trip to The Tower of London! Has anyone been?

We also would love to hear if you have any recommendations of galleries, restaurants, shops, well anything really... and what you thought of them. We hope you like the posts coming soon!

Hugs & Kisses



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