January 31, 2013


Before you read this post you must know that both Jess and I are Disney MAD and have been since we were kids (we own both VHS and DVDs of every Disney movie known to man! Have you even heard of The Ugly Dachshund - we have!!!) For us the Lion King isn't a movie you watch lightly unless your ready for those uncontrollable tears at Mufasa's (SPOLIER) death, you know it's coming but catches you every time. But most of all the ultimate epic theme tune 'The Circle of life' must be belted out, arms held out high! So having the chance to see The Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre was our ideal date! (boyfriends dip their heads in embarrassment, as they know we will be singing every song and dancing along!)

WE LOVED IT! The costumes, animals, songs, and staging brought the film to a vibrant colourful jungle in the heart of London! We were lost in the story from the opening rush of animals walking through the aisles of the stalls to the booty popping Rafiki! Its a show for all ages and celebrating its 14th year in London its a scandal if you haven't been! 

Check out the amazing website below where we got our tickets from for almost HALF PRICE for performances till the 8th February 2013.

Hugs & Kisses

PS. Enjoy this little belter of a tuuuunnnnne! If you have seen The Lion KIng show let us know what you thought! Or even if your like one of us that loves a Disney movie let us know your favs!


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