January 22, 2013


As i'm sure everyone in the UK already know we have had a spell of the dreaded snow!! However for the first time I took a trip to Surrey to keep cosy at my boyfriends family home where the surroundings were so beautiful. Glistening snow and miles of land untouched! By the time I braved the snowy landscapes, kids had made the biggest snowball I have ever seen and the snow had been trampled on by many feet but it was still magical. I sometimes think it would be nice to live away from the hustle and bustle of the city but I would miss it! Surrey is luckily well connected to most London stations via trains and buses and still has an essence of the city. There are lots of boroughs to visit and big shopping districts, so there is plenty to keep you busy!

I was planning to blog a Sister Style post this weekend but as it was freezing outside all I could show you is my coat and scarf! The snow boots were on and are more of "practical" must have than a fashion statement! So all I can say is I wore many layered jumpers, long johns, tights, jeans and socks with my favourite Topshop coat from 2011, with my Accessorize snood and ASOS cosy gloves! I hope everyone enjoyed the chilly weekend building snowmen! 

Hugs & Kisses

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