January 21, 2013


Popcorn and tissues at the ready! I can't get this film out of my head!! If you have seen it and enjoyed it as much as i did you will be sing "Do you here the people sing..." and "I dreamed a dream..." (in terrible operatic voices) for days! 

I went and saw this movie not knowing the story or even seeing the theatre version in London's West End (I know shame on me as a Londoner) so the emotional and heartwarming story of the wonderful character Jean Valjean, played by Hugh Jackman (He's no Wolverine in this movie) and the fantastic cast around him really blew me away.

I never knew I would recognise so many of the songs, which both Jess and I sung with our school choirs when we were so young! Even the singing is pretty good from all the cast as I was a little concerned it might be a little grating as it is quite long (2hr 37mins) but everyone brought emotion to the songs, even though I thought Russell Crowe was a tad cringe in parts (he will always be Maximus to me!).

I will say now that there is ALOT of death in this movie, although I expected it as in the first 30 minutes your heart is ripped out watching Anne Hathaway, Fantine (spoiler) die and sing "I dreamed a dream", I never thought it would affect me and hurt watching 'The Devil Wears Prada' plain jane, sing with so much pain. She is incredible. For anyone wanting to see something different, this is the movie as I don't think I have ever seen a musical like this and I am not sure if actors will ever attempt to sing live how this cast has done for Les Miserables. It is a bold, brave and a heartbreaking film, which I admire and love! Les Miserables is not going to be a story I forget.

Also there is an amazing interview by Tom Stone with Anne Hathaway in the Feb 13' Harpers Bazaar!

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