January 24, 2013


Thank goodness I bought two tickets for my Mum to see this exhibition before Christmas as apart from this exhibit being a SOLD OUT show, it has become the best exhibition I have ever been too! The Hollywood Costume exhibition saw over 100 costumes on display from every movie you can ever dream of from Breakfast at Tiffany's to Gladiator to Star Wars...the list is endless!

I am a total movie buff! Seeing some of my favourite costumes in the flesh literally had me squealing like a kid in a candy shop, I never wanted to leave!! Even silly details like how small and tiny to how big some of the costumes were became topically conversation amongst the huge crowds scuttling along around each display! I think I might actually be the average height for a Hollywood actress as all the custom made outfits were minute (baring in mind Im barely 5ft 3!). The waist size of some of the costumes were also ridiculously tiny!

The show was beautifully curated, with the costumes all having their moment under the spot light! You could really get quite close up to the detailing and skill in each costume, one which I was almost 'starstruck' in being in its presence was Marilyn Monroe's famous white dress from The Seven Year Itch 1955.

Im afraid I would have loved this post to be picture heavy but in most exhibitions these days you can not take photographs. I couldn't even take a sneaky one on my phone :( so as a little reminder of this fab exhibit my Mum, as a thank you, bought me this very beautiful HEAVY book of all the fantastic costumes that we saw. Available to buy here.

The exhibition ends at the V&A this week but if you can't fight the HUGE crowds, as there are a limited number of tickets released each day, you may get lucky! Otherwise you can take a sneaky peak of the exhibition here.

Hugs & Kisses

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