February 10, 2013


Becki & Jess in conversation...

Hello i'm Becki and i'm a beauty addict...
Oh hi Becki!

Now, am I the only one who daydreams of having...
An unlimited supply 'mini eggs'? If yes, no your not the only one.

No, Jess forget about your stomach, i'm talking about the dream of walking into Boots*, waiiit...
and it firstly it being empty, then having an unlimited basket and the freedom to put anything you see in it! And of course if it was freeeee it would be incredible! Yes?

That would be amazing, on the other hand walking into John Lewis home section for a free shopping spree is a fab thought - as Becki you have to admit you have slightly been cheating on beauty / fashion with new furniture. John Lewis SALE woohoo!

What would be the first brand or department you'd run to? Let me guess makeup?
100,000% make up. As for a brand, I wouldn't want to limit the choice :o) Where would you head to?

You know where I would head! I would fly over to La Roche Posay just to see if they had run out of Effaclar Duo! As the answer would be most likely YES! Its sold out everywhere!
I know, I think you may just be La Roche Posay's biggest fan.

Well some people ahum (you have perfect skin) need a little help in hand with trying to tame down crappy oily skin, spots and looking like a teenager! 
I wouldn't say perfect - there are definitely days when I have a few additional friends on my face. But at the moment my main struggle has been extremely dry skin. I think it's mainly because of the weather - but off to purchase the Aveeno - Positively Radiant Daily Exfoliating Cleanser tomorrow (will let you know how I get on in a beauty test post :o)). What's on your hit list for a speedy beauty purchase?

Well as you kindly mentioned before i'm cheating on beauty for furniture so going to have to avoid Boots at all costs this month and remember its Mum AND Dad's birthday this month too!! But looking forward to purchasing Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray to get those wavey beach locks for spring/summer! Lets hope it works!

*By the way, Boots for us is literally our fav beauty pick up store but we love all the fab department stores too in London for more of a beauty experience! And when pay day comes!

Hugs & Kisses
Becki & Jess



  1. i love your storage!!!

    new follower :)

    stephanieslook.blogspot.com :)

  2. Thank you Stephanie, blog post coming soon on it hehe! Always like to use things lying around instead of buying new :)


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