February 05, 2013


So we've covered the base with our primer and eye cream and now we can finally talk about the make-up woohoo!

After having got my make up done at numerous department stores and make up shops, I have always found under the lighting in the shop your make up does look flawless and fabulous. Until... you step outside in the natural light and realise in my case you've gone an off peach colour and have a lovely colour divide between your face and neck - awkward! All in all my main problem is finding a really a good foundation! 

Hello flawless oxygen wow! (£24.50) is the best foundation I have used to date full stop.

This product is fantastic, it's super lightweight, oil free and gives you great coverage - what more could we ask for! The foundation itself is quite liquidy - not as creamy as other products I have used, but this is what makes the foundation so light, easy to apply and blend. It is quite thin but this enables you to choose the thickness of your coverage, which is a great way to vary your day to evening look. One pump of the foundation is enough to do your face and neck (if need be) a little definitely goes along way! The 'Erase paste' (£19.50) also works perfectly along side the foundation in covering up any stubborn blemishes and dark eyes!

I have found with other foundations that they can feel really heavy on your skin - clogging up your pores, where as the 'Hello flawless oxygen wow!' is so feather light you barely feel like your wearing make up. A great attribute to this product is it has SPF 25 and the highest protection for your skin which is an added bonus. There 9 different shades of this foundation and the colour match is absolutely perfect.

This product ticks all the boxes - Benefit you've struck gold once again!

Completely blown my Mac foundation out of my make up bag...

The Hello flawless! (£24.50) is a powder which can be used to finish a look or can be a quick alternative to foundation - personally I have never really been a powder girl so have passed this product onto Becki who loves it! The compact mirror and powder comes with a sponge and brush for a speedy cover up!

* Top Tip: Use Benefit's High Beam! to help define the face by highlighting just above the cheek and brow bone. You can also add a little dab of the 'High Beam!' to your moisturiser to add a little shine or shimmer to your skin.

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