February 16, 2013


Since starting LLP Blog Jess and I have made it a MUST that we indulge in a pamper evening once a week, not only to spend some quality time together but also just to relax and be girls! Sometimes unless we make plans together it can be the end of another week and we haven't seen each other! Life rushes past too fast!

One of our must haves at our pamper evenings has been a tasty smelling body scrub that leaves your body feeling incredibly soft!

Our first favourite is the new Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub! For £8 this is a bargain! It is the hardest smell to explain apart from you WILL want to eat it! With crushed brown sugar and the sweetest smell of limes, the divine sugary texture leaves your body soft and exfoliated. When we used this last week the whole house was filled with its incredible scent! Soap & Glory have an amazing range of fab body products that last very well (if you don't eat it! Please don't!!) and are avaliable in most Boots stores.

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub 300ml £8

This is my ultimate indulgence! As soon as you open any Sanctuary Spa beauty product, it always makes me feel calm and relaxed. This salt scrub is quite rough on the skin but leaves your body extremely moisturised and silky. This pot is 650g and has lasted well. But I will say I tend to 'save' this scrub for really special nights out as I never want it to end! Does anyone else do this? I always think to myself why don't I treat myself to a piece of luxury everyday! P.S I really love the packaging on this salt scrub as it clips down tight keeping the moisture within the scrub and doesn't leak!

Sanctuary Spa Salt Scrub  650g £11.50

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