February 04, 2013


I always like to treat myself now and again to a trip to Lush Cosmetics, even though as soon as I walk into the store I know ill end up with a bag full of goodies when I come out! One product that I always go back for and won't buy anywhere else is their bath bombs. They are a great gift and a lovely treat for yourself! They vary in price, size and scents but these three are my favs.

Sex Bomb - This bath bomb smells sensual and a tad sexy if i can use that as a description hehe! The pretty pink decorated bomb has a lovely little rose at the top which when used floats as rose petals in the water around you.  With scents of jasmine and ylang ylang, the water turns bright pink as it fizzes away. The bath bomb leaves your skin silky smooth which I think is perfect for a romantic night in or a pampering evening by yourself. 

Avobath- I love this scent! The bath bomb reminds me of lots of great holidays in Thailand with the citrus lemongrass that is  invigorating and fresh. However compared to most of the Lush bath bombs this one doesn''t dramatically change the bath water but just leaves you moisturised. Just the scent sells this product to me! Love it!

Big Blue - I tried this product only this year, I think its something to do with the new year ahead of us always makes me want fresh and invigorating scents around me. This bath bomb is so relaxing. It reminds me of being on holiday and swimming in the ocean. When fizzing there are little bits of seaweed that float in the bath, which may sound unpleasant but actually when rubbed on the skin with the sea salt in the bomb it leaves you feeling refreshed and clean.

Lush Bath Bombs £3.20 each Sex BombBig Blue & Avobath

Do you have a favourite bath bomb? Tweet me @Life_Looks PS. Im sure I am not the only one who does this but Lush products especially their bath bombs are amazing for scenting your cupboards and draws if you keep them in their paper packaging :)
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