February 08, 2013


You would have seen if you have read any of my previous posts that I have quite alot of tried and tested Soap & Glory products! After testing quite a few since my christmas stockings were full of the beautiful retro inspired packaging I put together a few of my favs.

These three products I have really enjoyed using! The Heel Genius does what it says on the tin, its a smooth and soft cream that you can apply to your feet at night and cover with cotton socks and wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy.. sorry very poor song reference but your feet however feel great!

Scrub your nose in it was given to me last year as a pre party must have from a very close friend. If you suffer with large pores and sometimes blackheads on your nose this is a great product to exfoliate and get your skin looking fresh and clear! I use this three or four times a week in the shower and sometimes as a mask if I feel like pampering.

Hand food is a great everyday moisturiser for your hands, which I use day and night. The price is great for the amount of product you get and Soap and Glory also have made a range of sizes that would be great for your handbag!

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Soap & Glory Heel Genius £5.50, Scrub your nose in it £7.50 c/o, Hand Food £5.00

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