February 10, 2013


Ok, its a friday night, it's cold and wet outside so what do us inseparable duo do? Stay in of course! And also catchup on our beauty tests! This week we have tried the Biore deep cleansing pore strips. Our thoughts straight away was - "these best be worth the money" as for us, they're a tad too expensive for regular use, as it does say repeat every three days!

So we have tried and tested on our two very different skin types and here's what we thought:

Becki - Oily/Combination skin

Blocked pores is a massive issue for me! I am trying to keep up a strict routine morning and night but sometimes if I get lazy these are the perfect cure. They are super easy to use but be warned if you have fairly sensitive skin these are a bitch to peal off, Jess will be my back up in saying I was slightly wailing in pain! The strip says on for 10-15mins and when finally off your skin is left very very soft and quite clear. As I have deep pores I reckon to see a big result I would have to use very regular but for me the strip is no different than having a good exfoliate and a cleansing face mask.

Jess- Dry/ Normal skin

I usually have really good skin but over the last couple of months a gang of reoccurring blocked pores and black heads have been creeping up on me, so the idea of this product would be a simple solution. But, I think I may of had too high a hopes of the strips as I was a little disappointed. After using the strip my skin did feel softer but not necessarily clearer so as for me I would definitely need to use it as a regularly product - but unfortunately I'm not sure the piggy bank would be too happy. I would also have to second what Becki said regarding there being not much of a difference between using this product and a good exfoliating sesh'!

All in all, we think the product was good, but can easily achieve the same results with a good exfoliator.

If you do use, or have tried the cleansing pore strips do tweet us your thoughts on them @life_looks.

Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips for 6 £7.99 (£1.32 per strip!)

Hugs & Kisses
Becki & Jess


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