February 26, 2013


In both of us being working ladies in rather unglamorous careers, Becki a florist and Jess a personal trainer, we love spending time (mainly on our regular beauty thursdays) treating our hands to a bit of pampering. We are both nail varnish fanatics changing our nail colour every other day and so we like to make sure our hands are well moisturised. We are always buying different hand creams that some we love and some that smell lovely but are rubbish at actually helping our hands look soft and supple. Below is our verdict on a few hand creams we have tried over the last few months.

Clarins Hand and nail treatment cream 100ml £ 19.00

A trusty cream from a trusty brand. This cream is thick, nourishing and has a subtly sweet smell. Feels like it's definitely helping our hands! Less glam but recognisable packaging and this mini version is a great size for your handbag. This one is Becki's fav as it keeps your hands really soft and not greasy.

Rodial Glam hand balm 75ml £39.00 c/o

The packaging is simple and classy, the cream smells completely divine! We were surprised to find it was a little greasy and not too sure about the 'brightening' but this can be quickly forgiven thanks to the luscious coconut and marzipan scent. It is a little out of our price range but would make a lovely gift. Jess got this as a gift and hasn't used anything else since!

Soap & Glory Hand Food 125ml £5.00

An affordable and delicious hand cream. It smells really fruity and sweet but is a little greasy. We love the benefit-esque packaging. A great cream to have in your bag to freshen up on a night out and help our hands back to a soft youthful skin.

Nivea Smooth nourishing hand cream 100ml £2.11

This cream is a lot thicker and feels like it is really doing some good! It is much less greasy than some of the other cheaper creams but with a more comforting smell. Simple Nivea packaging. A great day hand cream at work but not really for a pamper night. However when our hands get really dry, especially in this cold winter weather it feels like the cream soaks into your skin instead of just softening the top.

We have lots more hand creams that we have used and will share them in another post later on the in year, as winter turns into spring! (Can't wait!!) If you can recommend any hand treatments or creams that you like tweet us @Life_looks.

Hugs & Kisses
Becki & Jess


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