February 07, 2013


Last month I radically changed my hair! New year new hair right? To explain how shockingly different the hairdresser literally held my rather long ponytail, asked "are you sure about this?" (me nodding, thinking just get it over with) and he cut it off in the middle of the salon. The staff actually all watched and gasped! But I must say how much better I feel! I was one of those people that definitely hid behind my hair!

Since getting this dramatic change to shorter hair ( not as short as Jess' hair but short for me) I have found its fairly tricky to keep my hair volumized, as by the end of the day its flat and lifeless. I love the messy look and this Matt & Messy salt spray has really made a difference to styling my hair. Im a low maintenance girl, so a few sprays of this in the morning and I can style my hair messy, lasting the day.

If you like messy hair and want to try a new hair product, this is the one for you! With Spring on the way this will see you through to the messy beach hair of the Summer!

Hugs & Kisses


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