February 18, 2013


Is Becki your real name? No, its always been my nickname, even though I have had many of those from Boo Boo to Fanny (don't ask!). My real name is Rebecca Rose Dunn.

How old are you? I'm 22, turning 23 in April!

Education? I have been very fortunate to have been put through private education all my life, my parents always said they wanted to give Jess and I a better chance in life than they did and we have made them extremely proud with working hard and getting the grades.

Where did you graduate? YAY! Still not sunk in yet! I graduated September 2012 from Goldsmiths University of London with a BA (HONS) in History of Art! The proudest moment of my life! 

Where do you work? I work with my parents at our 25 year florist Timothy Dunn Flowers and for our luxury candle company Timothy Dunn London.

You work for both of your family businesses, how did you learn your trade? People always say how can you work and live with your parents! Well I just manage hehe! I love working in our family businesses, I have done since I could walk and talk! I have learnt from the best and learnt through experience which I am so grateful for! 

What are your interests? Art, fashion, vintage, film and business.

What is your favourite London location? This is impossible to answer for me as i find new places i love everyday in London. However when i'm ever lost for a place to go, I always end up on the Southbank. I have always visited this part of London since i was a kid and i still love it now! Even though I head to Borough market instead of the arcade these days.

Does Jess keep you in shape? Oh goodness no! I'm the complete opposite to Jess, I eat what I like and hoovering is the closest I get to exercise! However my job in the summer is extremely strenuous and so that's normally when my sleeping muscles appear!

What have you learnt from Jess? How to laugh! I never laugh with anyone the way I do with Jess both at her, at myself and with her! I am so lucky to have a best friend as my sister!

Hugs & Kisses

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