February 17, 2013


Whats your full name? My full name is Jessica Florence Dunn.

How old are you? I'm 20, turning *21* in June woohoo! 

Whats your dream job (apart from blogging)? That's a hard one - my dream job would have to be between being a fashion model (impossible - simply too short (5"4")) or a female version of David Attenborough.

How had is it to work in fitness? It is quite hard, the hours are long and early winter mornings in the park are not the best. But as cheesy as it is to say being a personal training is so rewarding, your not only someone's personal trainer your their friend, psychiatrist, nutritionist, support blanket the works!

You have an amazing athletic body- how hard is it to keep in shape?  It's a bloody nightmare - I can't deny it, I do often think about all the amazing lays ins and triple chocolate cookies I could enjoy on the sofa. But in the long run it has become my lifestyle and I do love it.
What are your interests? Sport, fashion, beauty, photography & film!

Whats your favourite London location? It would have to be Kew Gardens - because it is simply beautiful and holds great sentimental value to me because of all the memories Becki and I shared their with our Grandma. 

You have a sausage dog- are they good pets? Little Arnie is a total crowd pleaser - whether you like animals or not no one can resist his eyes starring up at you. He is an absolute doll and the best company! Sausage dogs can be very stubborn but if your looking for dog who is content siting on your lap and having a good cuddle a sausage dog is for you! 

What have you learnt from Becki? After having read Becki's response to this question I would have to 100% agree I can't tell you how much Becki and I laugh together, it could be the smallest or silliest thing but we end up in incomplete stitches. Becki is literally my backbone and I don't know what I would do without her!

Hugs & Kisses


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