February 26, 2013


Fashion, fashion and more fashion- the Vodafone London Fashion Weekender is a must visit! After Becki attending the last event in the summer, we had to go again with our fab fashionista guru Jackie Wattanajantra. With notebook AND camera in hand (purses in an extremely accessible place) we were ready to explore the beautiful surroundings of Somerset House. 

Created in order for everyone to experience a taster of what goes on at London Fashion Week, on the same runway and against the same stunning backdrop, the weekend gives you a chance to grab some discounted designer clothes along with picking up your favourite beauty products from Elizabeth Arden, a quick make over in Tony & Guy salon AND have a "Diet Coke moment" with waaaait for it..... a Diet Coke HUNK! Yes and boy were they hunky. Back to the fashion...

We bought tickets to see one of the many catwalk experiences - we saw the Trend catwalk. As we are honest on this blog ladies we have to admit the Trend catwalk was rubbish! We definitely wish we had bought tickets to the designer shows earlier in the day. We loved the idea of being able to see a show but we just thought it was going to be much more professional as well as accessible fashion instead of whacky clothes that wouldn't look good on anyone. The models didn't help either as people in the audience were literally laughing at the severe lack of a "model walk". Maybe it's us just being critical but we were really disappointed as we had such high expectations (along with paid a fair amount to go).

However, the rest of the shopping areas with hallways and rooms filled with beautiful designers and incredible fabrics were fantastic, we left feeling completely fashioned-out and satisfied :o) We hung out, ate way too many Bueno chocolate bars and caught up over lunch in Tom's Kitchen - we really had an amazing day even if we have had a little moan it was a great experience and gives you a sense of what fashion week must be like :o)

But going to London Fashion Week is still but a dream.

Hugs & Kisses
Becki & Jess


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