February 15, 2013


No plans for a Saturday or Sunday afternoon? Get yourself to London Southbank! 

It is our favourite place to visit when the weekend diary is empty. Southbank isn't just a seasonal hot spot even though it seems mad to stand by the Thames during Winter, but that's nothing a good pair of gloves can't fix. All year round there are different stalls, performers, markets and so many famous tourist attractions! A 30 minute walk along Southbank takes you from Westiminister all the way to London Bridge - sight seeing, shopping the lot!

Becki: "I always stop at the Tate Modern no matter how much time I have to spare!"

Jess: "I would rather grab a table at Wahaca and munch my way through a sweat potato and feta taquitos!"

Up & Coming: 'Real food market' - a spread of International street food, treats and an amazing foody buzz. This particular market pops up most weekends of the year woohoo!

See you there!

Hugs & Kisses
Becki & Jess


  1. Replies
    1. Southbank is amazing in the Summer! This picture was taken a few summers ago at the Southbank vintage festival- an amazing view! x


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