February 01, 2013


Meet Arnie! Arnie is the newest member to our family and the liveliest! Don't believe what people tell you - yes he has small legs but trust me he could give any dog a run for their money, sprinting up and down the hallway at home you would think there are 10 dogs running around - but oh no it's our little Arnie. But I would be telling porkies if I said his top speed is more than my powerwalk (but don't tell Arnie).

This is Arnie on his journey home in the car from Essex at 8 weeks old! And yes before you ask he is an Essex Boy! We thought it would be nice to share our experiences in training and having a new pup in the family! If you have any questions on Dachshund pups please get in contact as I know if I could we would have loved some additional advice, as we have learnt the hard way! (many chewed shoes, quilts, scarves, gloves, bras..the list is endless!)

Most of my issues in training Arnie is saying no those puppy eyes!
But could you? 

Hugs & Kisses

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  1. So cute! Really want to meet him one day! :) x


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