March 16, 2013


So many of you if you are an avid reader of beauty blogs will be aware of this little product, Kiehl's Midnight Recover Concentrate. The name has been flying around on a few blogs that I read and many say how its become a stable part of their night time routine, so I had to have a look for myself.

Kiehl's stores are really quirky, interesting and full of homages to the amazing history of the store since 1851. I love a family run business, as for me, being part of our two businesses they are personal and usually deeply rooted in a beautiful story from humble beginnings to a success. Kiehl's started out as an apothecary in New York, run by Mr Kiehl's himself and it has now grown and crossed the waters to the rest of the world.

Praised on their incredible customer service and highly skilled staff (which I 100% agree) Kiehl's offers bespoke skin care advice that is best suited for you including sampling of products in store to ensure they are right for you.

I visited Kiehl's concession store in House of Frasier, Westfields (Shepherds Bush) where the staff were wonderful and knowledgeable. I ended up spending over 30minutes talking with an incredible and lovely, rather bushy moustached skin adviser that really took the time to find out my skin type (through an in store skin test), talk me through their products and test them on my skin. After lots of nattering about skin, beauty and the trauma of missing out on your skin routine (breakout hell!) I walked away feeling warmed by the history that Kiehl's still holds and their philosophy in customer service. I wish all stores would take this on board, it was an amazing experience.

If your interested to know more about Kiehl's pop in store or check out their site HERE.

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate 30ml £36.00
(Review coming soon, after I test the product for a few weeks so keep an eye out)

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