March 31, 2013


Happy Easter everyone! Hope you are all having an amazing Bank holiday weekend. As it's Easter and we have a few extra days to ourselves we had a little go at making a childhood school favourite. Of course these are super easy to make and take hardly no time at all. If your hungry be warned or if you are maybe feeling nauseous from eating too many Easter eggs you may want to read this post another day. We feature ALOT of chocolate!

Your Shopping List

1 x BIG bar of Milk chocolate
1 x box of plain cornflakes
1 x packet of Cadbury's Mini Eggs
12 x cupcake cases
For decoration we used mini chicks from Sainsburys they were only £1 and were irresistible.

Start by breaking up the chocolate into a heatproof glass bowl.
Bring to the boil a small amount of water in a saucepan and suspend the heatproof glass bowl over the water.
The chocolate will start to melt so make sure keep an eye on it and stir.
Once the chocolate has melted take it off the boil.

Then add the corn flakes and mix until all the cornflakes are covered in chocolate.
Once it's all mixed and looking tasty do not dive right in as you can lick the bowl in a second.

Evenly as you can spoon the mixture into the 12 cupcake cases, we chose yellow polka dot cases as they match perfectly to the little mini chicks.Then decorate, we used Mini Eggs and Little chicks for Easter.

Happy Easter Everyone!

Hugs & Kisses
Becki & Jess


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