March 25, 2013


An absolute beauty must have in your handbag; clutch or purse... is a mini body moisturiser. It is definitely firmly in my top 5 of everyday bag packing necessities, along with a red lippy, purse, phone & of course a pack of tissues.

I also don't believe I am on my own in saying that I have had enough of this horrid London weather, and so today I braved the cold and got my pins out :o) Wearing a pencil skirt with no tights - crazy I know but later into my journey I soon realised the cold wasn't my only problem. I think I may of had the driest legs in the entire world - eww!

But luckily enough I had packed a mini moisturisers - tad dah, which today was Jergens ultra healing moisturiser. This product contains Vitamins C, E and B5 which helps to tackle the problem of extra dry skin - just what I need for these dusty legs.

When you first squeeze some of the moisturiser onto your hand it seems really thin and wet. But as you begin to work it into your skin it's as if it multiplies and becomes thicker giving you great coverage and moisture. The scent is more soapy than fragrant but smells very clean.

This particular Jergens product is created specifically for 'extra dry skin' so when I have applied it to other body parts which aren't so dry - like my arms, it does leave them feeling slightly sticky, so for someone with normal skin definitely have a re - look at other Jergens products.

But all in all for ladies on the go - don't forget to pack a mini body moisturiser!

Jergens ultra healing moisturiser  sample c/o

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