March 04, 2013


Ladies, it is definitely out with the skinny and in with the full brow - the bushier the better!
With Cara Delevingne taking the modelling world and fashion week by storm I think it is fair to say we have all felt a little bit of eyebrow envy... With pretty, handsome trends coming off the catwalk through beautiful tailored clothes and enhancing the minimal make up look, a strong brow is an easy way to embrace your natural beauty and structure the face.

My main struggle when working with my eyebrows is: 1) I barely have eyebrows & 2) I really struggle with finding a pencil colour which looks natural on me.

I was once told; 'the perfect eyebrow pencil colour for you needs to match your natural hair' and when considering my own definition of my natural hair is 'dirty puddle water' - technically known as ash blonde I had a slight task on my hands.

In the past I have used light brown eyebrow pencils, but the warm, hazelnut colour coming through made my eyebrows look really unnatural. So as I have come to terms with my fair hair I have basically been looking for an eyebrow pencil which holds grey tones...And then along came Paul & Joe with their 'Eyebrow Liner' which I just adore!

It has a really thin crayon which allows you to draw in individual hairs, which you can just keep building on until the thickness and depth of the brow represents the look you are going for... And remember ladies it's not about precision, get your brow combs out and go a little wild!

All in all if you have fair hair like myself - get your hands on this product it's FAB!

I will hopefully soon be blogging about the 'amazing' Mac Brow Duo which happens to be sold out everywhere at the moment - but as soon as I get my hands on a it I will do a post - as their 'Blonde Duo' is supposed to be great!

Paul & Joe Eyebrow liner £15.00 c/o

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