March 02, 2013


Im sure if I asked most ladies out there what is your hair must have it would include these three products or a form of these three so here is my fav brands for them.

My first must-have is my beloved Tangle Teezer which if you can believe it I only got at christmas, it was at the top of my list! I can't believed I had survived so long without one as I have always had really long hair but with the January blues setting in I decided to get a dramatic change. I ended up getting most of my hair chopped off! However I still use my Tangle Teezer every day as its much smoother through the hair if there are knots and also its less painful!

My other must have is Batiste Dry Shampoo! I get through bottles of this! And Im not saying I never wash my hair it is just useful to have around and with my shorter hair now, I find it gives your hair volume. I don't really have a particular type that I always buy, as I normally decide by the design on the bottle (and yes that is actually true! Im a sucker for pretty packaging).

Finally I have been so interested in trying a hair oil on the ends of my hair to try and keep them soft as they usually are the first sign of damage, this Proclere Argan Oil from Superdrug has been amazimg. Its not too greasy and my hair ends feel much more nourished than usual and I use it after I wash my hair without fail. Therefore making it my third hair must-have.
Let me know your favourite hair must haves or your favourite hair brands tweet me @life_looks

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