March 06, 2013


I need some help...Now which mascara do you use? I have always tried and tested many mascaras and never quite found one to stick too. As a teenager I usually just bought due to price and I admit I think I'm still in that mind set! But now I have decided to try and find my ideal mascara, with your help. Please do tweet me any of your favourites @Life_looks on my journey of the perfect lash :) Here's my Lash Wish-List...

The Lash Wish-List

Must not be clumpy
(Spider eyes just aren't a good look)

Must always be black 
(blue or brown just doesn't quite suit me)

Must make eyes look wide and awake 
(always half asleep when applying my makeup before work)

Must create volume
(as otherwise there doesn't seem much point)

Mascara wand can't be too big 
(I end up 9 times out of 10 poking my eye with it)

Must be of "affordable" price
(pockets are quite empty at the moment, splashed out on the Vogue Festival this month :D) 

1.Clinique High Impact Mascara. £16.00*

This is my first test, Clinique High Impact Mascara which seems to cover all of my lash wish-list but for me it didn't quite create a "high impact". The wand and texture of the mascara is amazing, I have had no clumps or eye incidents and the wand definitely spreads out your lashes making them look really natural. The colour is a very black which is great for framing my dark brown eyes. However it just didn't dramatically change the volume or curvature of my lashes. The mascara is really just a tint. With this mascara I have had to use a few different mascara's with it, in order to create volume which is a bit of a shame. I would recommend this mascara as a light everyday lash, nothing too heavy on the eye but enough to make you look awake!

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