March 21, 2013


Soap & Glory Thick & Fast Mascara does what it says on the tin "super volume false lash effect" but they forget to say with added spidery clumpy bits too. I have been using this mascara along with a few others, what one doesn't do another will and therefore giving my my perfect lash but as said before on my intro to my Lash Wish-List I want just one that does everything :).

This mascara does create great volume on the lash due to the large wand but I find it just too clumpy and messy as I end up with more mascara on my eyelid than lashes. The wand is just too big. The mascara does separate the lashes after one stroke but as I usually do, I need at least 7 strokes to create more volume, which means the lashes become too clumpy. Other than that the mascara would be great if worn lightly for everyday and the cost is not too expensive for the high street. Is it just me are mascaras just getting more and more expensive!

The Lash Wish-List Test :
Soap & Glory Thick & Fast mascara

Must always be black 
Must make eyes look wide and awake 
Must create volume 
Must be of "affordable" price
Tick symbol
Must not be clumpy
Mascara wand can't be too big


Please let me know if you have an amazing mascara that you think would tick all must-haves in my Lash Wish-List :) Tweet me @Life_looks or comment below. Thank you :)

Soap & Glory Thick & Fast Mascara £10.00 

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