March 30, 2013


If you hadn't guessed by now this is the London store of Choccywoccydoodah! If you still have no idea what I am on about, this is an exquisite boutique chocolate shop that has gone global, with their very successful show about all their fantastic cake making and of course their skill in designing most wild and wacky sculptures out of chocolate.

The original Choccywoccydoodah store can be found in Brighton and now they have come to London! This store is just off Carnaby street, so the perfect location in my eyes (location HERE)! If you are on a diet or have given up chocolate for lent stay away but if you are a chocoholic like myself this is the ultimate destination.

Filled with literally hundreds of hand made chocolate treats, as you can see in any shape or size, you will walk out with a bag full! With free chocolate tasting and amazing customer service, this shop is a dream. I didn't want to leave. I got into a conversation with the staff about all sorts, they are just so friendly and really do make you smile.

If you are around Carnaby street this Easter weekend, be sure to pass this little chocolate gem! Oh and if you fancy a break there is the most amazing cafe upstairs that serves the 'best hot chocolate in the country'! And the WORLD in true Choccywoccydoodah style!

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