March 10, 2013


Last weekend I passed a big pop up show room of the new range of skincare and makeup in Superdrug named B. For me B. is a revelation for Superdrug as even with a lot of the new refurbishments in the larger stores, I always tend to shop at Boots but B. has made me change.

Only stumbling across the range I found myself really surprised and excited to it out. Leaning to more of their make up range I took to the collection and had a test. The make up has a wide range of shades, colours and products and for me I think the packaging is simple and beautiful.

I tried out a few products in store and at their pop up show room in Westfields (Shepherds bush) and was stolen by their eyeshadow shades. This may be hard to believe but I never really wear eye shadow apart from wearing Mac Mulch eyeshadow, that I have owned and used for over 5 years now! I'm not one too mix up my make up so when I found this eyeshadow that has a similar pigmentation and finish on my eye lid as my staple eyeshadow for half the price I was thrilled!

This is only one of B.Vivid eye shadows in shade 181 Elfin, that I have used now instead of slowly fading Mac eye shadow and I have found it blendable and subtle when used lightly. The shade has a soft bronzed shimmer which can be layered easily to create a stronger look. The colour lasts really well on the eye too and compliments my hair colour and complexion. I would recommend having a look at your local Superdrug store as all their products are great value for your money and you might find your staple shade for half the price.

If you check out the B. collection let me know what you thought :) comment below or tweet me @Life_looks.

B.Vivid eyeshadow in shade 181 Elfin £4.99

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