March 24, 2013


 Thank you to Llinos from Lilac Chic for asking us to write our first guest post for a fellow blogger on our favourite place London! We love writing about our home and sharing our favourite places to visit, with this guest post we themed it around our parents East End History. We hope you enjoy!

So we are born, raised and living Londoner sisters that love nothing more than the city we live in! We sometimes take it for granted being London ladies, as we have everything you could possibly want in the space of a few miles from where we live. One thing we can be sure we never claim is to having nothing to do! London is full of things to keep you busy whether you’re a tourist or just fancy a day out, you will never be lost without something to see or something to do. For this guest post we wanted to share a little piece of our history with you.

We are the lovely babies to a set of original East End Londoners. Yes cockney accents everyone (well they have slightly faded now but the cockney rhyming slang still arises now and again!) For this reason we wanted to share our favourite places to go in the East End. Known as the quirky side of London, it’s filled with amazing restaurants, vintage shops and bars. With a lively nightlife, it’s a great place to go out, meet some rather exuberant Londoners and have a laugh. Areas such as Shoreditch, Hoxton and Hackney are good places to start.

Our favourite hot spots when we head over to the East End is always a trip to Beyond Retro and Rokit that are both vintage shops filled with incredible and affordable vintage gems. Beyond Retro can be found just off of Brick Lane and it is literally a warehouse of rails upon rails of clothes all normally displayed by colour, which is Becki’s heaven (she is one of those types of shoppers that can handle TKmaxx!) where as Rokit is a much smaller but still holds a fab collection to sift your way through (Jess’ heaven).

After lots of shopping we love to eat at a few of the local cafes that cook the best of food in the area including the famous 24hour bagel shop at the top of Brick Lane (the Shoreditch end)! If you don’t get there early there is the biggest queue but it is worth the wait! It’s a great way to meet all the locals and eat the tastiest bagels ever!  For dinner definitely pop to the Hawksmoor Restaurant on Commercial Street (which is just a short walk away) where you will then eat the best steak of your life! Jess recently ate at their Covent Garden restaurant (Review Here).

We love the East End for all its quirkiness and traditional Londoners that still stay true to their history in the area that they were born in and although we love the London High Street nothing beats a trip to the East End for vintage finds.

Quick Tip: East End markets are definitely worth going to over the weekend, with markets such as Spitalfields, Brick Lane and Columbia Road Flower Market but be warned the markets get very busy!

                           Hope you have enjoyed a little slice of London from two Londoners!

Hugs & Kisses
Becki & Jess


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