March 20, 2013


Is it just me or do you love wearing clashing prints that some people would be like o goodness did she get dressed in the dark? But for you, you LOVE IT! The amount of times my Mum said: "They will look awful together, you can't wear two prints"and I say: "i'm young I love fashion and why can't I?" You may be thinking what the hell is she wearing now in this post but i'm afraid I love placing random colours, prints and patterns together. Usually they work (my fingers are crossed at this one).

This is just a wintery mix and match of a vintage men's jumper, hence the baggy style, which anyone who knows me will say thats my style, paired with a flowery high waisted skirt that has a vintage feel to it too (its actually 2012 Topshop). Here i'm wearing some old Kling heels, which as i'm always honest on this blog, I hardly ever wear! You will always find me in flats or ankle boots! I just don't find heels very comfortable :( I say this but still own tons! I'm a lady what can I say hehe! I love feeling comfy but girly and by mixing fun bright prints you will stand out of the crowd and create your own style.

I spoke briefly about my love for vintage on my previous post Sister Style: Vintage & a statement necklace and I will write a post about the amazing Brick lane vintage treasure trove asap!

Jumper Beyond Retro £10, Vintage bag which was my Grandma's, Shoes Kling £39.99 & Skirt Topshop £25

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