April 15, 2013


My budget shower empties which I am very sad to see go:

Imperial Leather Oriental calm 300ml £1 at Asda

What a fantastic buy. My Mum for Christmas always gives me and Becki a stocking full of useful beauty products - from razors to shower gel, making sure our beauty basics are fully stocked for the New Year.

The Christmas just gone she bought me both the Imperial Leather - Oriental calm & Japanese Spa (not photographed) and I just absolutely love them. They smell absolutely amazing; literally transporting you to a place of tranquillity! My favourite the Oriental calm, has tones of cherry blossom and vanilla bean which 150 million percent just work and leave me feeling pampered to the max.

As stated on the bottle 'twice as creamy' this is no joke - it seriously is. It is silky smooth on the skin and lathers really well - for £1 bought from Asda you just can't go wrong.

Equate Apricot Exfoliating Scrub $3.94 Walmart (similar product)

This was actually a gift from someone and I am not able to find it stocked in the UK :o(, I'm sure I will find it hidden away in a little pharmacy. But it really is an amazing product. It is a generic exfoliating scrub - but sometimes I find that the beads in scrubs are otherwise to fine or too scarce. With this product the beads are quite dense and really enable you to get in there :o) Also with other scrubs I have used sometimes they can be quite oily and greasy on your skin where as this product is oil free and suitable for all skin types woohoo!

It doesn’t really smell to much of apricot but is washed off soon after use so I am not too worried about the smell - just as long as it works. I use this to exfoliating scrub mainly around my nose area as this is where usually a lovely family of black heads like to move in - not cool.

If anyone does know anywhere where Equate is stocked please let me know - I'm desperate for some more.

Hugs & Kisses


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