April 16, 2013


Another fantastic product from Lush Cosmetics! Both Jess and I are a massive fan of face masks whether its for just a little relaxation session or to transform our skin. Lush have an amazing range of fresh face mask's which as I am very honest on LLP I have never been tempted to try. However I thought I would give them a go as my skin has become a little tired and dull.

Labelled as a detox face mask aimed to bring your skin back to life with fresh glowing ingredients such as; fresh fennel, ginger, coriander, parsley, fresh eggs, honey and almond oil set to moisture, detox and exfoliate your skin, this product also includes fresh lime juice to clean your skin, all mixed together it smells amazing!

I use the mask once or twice a week, covering my whole face, I keep it on until it starts to harden, which is usually after about 10 minutes. Then I like to wash it off with warm water and gently blend the mask back into my skin. The mask also has fresh ground almond shells in it which softy exfoliates the skin.

As the mask is made with fresh ingredients you have to keep this little pot in the fridge and is best used before 3 weeks after purchase.

Lush Brazened Honey Fresh Face mask 75g £5.95

Hugs & Kisses


PS. I really love Lush's care for the little details on their website and on their You tube channel, where they show you how your product is made and all the ingredients that goes into it. This is Brazened Honey Fresh Face Mask.


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  1. OOh I haven't used this one in such a long time, I had a sample pot a year or so ago. Cupcake is my favourite Lush mask x


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