April 24, 2013


Sometimes I like to keep things simple. This is an old time classic,  Pond's Hydronourishing Cream that I have been using as my day and night moisturiser. My Mum remembers stocking up her beauty shelves, when she used to work at Boots in the 70's with this brand- of course I had never heard of it until now.

I have had a few allergic reactions, to my surprise to a product I hadn't used for a while but I swear by and is one of the products that I recommend to everyone! I have no idea what brought it on, as I have used it for months previous, I had just taken a break from it. My reaction was really painful and so I decided to change up a few of the products I have been using to see if it helped.

I decided to go back to basics and try a brand with cult classic reputation. Known mainly, for their Cold Cream, a favourite of Marylin Monroe, Pond's provides moisture and incredibly soft skin! This cream itself is a medium-weight moisturiser that when used on the skin applies easy and lightly. The cream is very lightly scented, which for me I really like but for sensitive skin it may irritate. I use quite a lot of the moisturiser every day as although it seems fairly thick the cream blends and soaks into the skin very quickly but as the price is amazing I don't mind using as I need. Since using this cream, I have had no reactions to any of the products I use and I have been regularly complimented on how soft my skin is.

Awkward Story: Compliment from a make up art in & Other Stories store on Regent Street- as she was applying a tester of  blusher on my face she said "Oh wow your skin feels so soft"- I said "Huh thanks"as she started stroking my cheek!!!

I have been using this for a few weeks now and I must admit I have used a lot of the 50ml pot! My skin is incredibly soft with this product and although it is fairly basic it has kept my skin in good shape.

Have you tried any of the Pond's Institute range? Let me know your thoughts if you have :)

Pond's Hydronourishing Cream £4.49 50ml

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