April 05, 2013


I need to really look after my nails on a day to day basis as being a florist your hands suffer. Working as a florist people may think its a glam job but it really isn't it's cold, wet and my hands look 20 years older than I am. That's why I have invested in a lot of hand creams and vitamin oils to heal them back to my 22 year old self!

This is my new little nail saviour Nail Inc Cuticle Vitamin E Oil Pen. It is about the size of a Biro but a tad thicker, so it's the perfect size for your handbag. As you will see on LLP, I almost paint my nails every other day, to not only test nail varnishes for the blog but also because I struggle to find a nail varnish that stays on! Again the floristry job kills them! This has been amazing, you can apply on to your cuticles or nails whether wearing nail varnish or not and makes my nails feel alive again.

You use the pen by opening the lid and twisting the end of the pen, where you hear it tick. This pushes up the oil into the centre of the rather soft brush at the other end. The oil is a subtle purple shade so you can see it in the white brush. Then just apply as you need it. With Vitamin E as the key ingredient it heals dry cuticles hydrating them whilst keeping your nails healthy. It helps to prevent breaking or splitting or flaking of the nails, which I sadly suffer with the most.

So far so good for me, I have found this product so convenient to use and my skin and nails soak up the oil completely in a few seconds. This may be a tad greasy for most people if you have really healthy cuticles and nails but if your hands do go through the wars its amazing!

Would you guys be interested if I wrote a post on my life in flowers? I don't really work at an ordinary floristry shop we work with rather big clients, I actually made last years Wimbledon Ladies Final Bouquets! Also if you haven't read our about page, our family own it, mum and dad both work there too! I also am part of our candle company which I'm sure a lot of bloggers would be extremely interested, as many of you have tested them and loved them :) so I do have quite a lot going on apart from blogging so my hands aren't suffering all the time hehe!

Please comment below if you'd be interested and I could write a few Lifestyle posts on my career and our family business, I wouldn't mind sharing it with you.

Nail Inc Cuticle Vitamin E Oil Pen £12 c/o
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