April 23, 2013


Why have I not used one of these pots before! Jess wrote a review of the Nails Inc Express Nail Polish Removerwhich she has raved about ever since, so I thought I would have a look for a more affordable one on the high street (trip to Boots & Superdrug! Yes!)

I was quite surprised that I didn't find many options for nail pots, I found quite a few of the pre-soaked nail varnish pads - which I always find are way too small and only really clean two nails before having to use another. I found plenty of the usual bottles of nail varnish remover with all the added Vitamins and No Acetone etc but not many nail pots.

However, I did find this little gem for £2.50, Pretty Quik Instant Nail Polish Remover. It wasn't as cheap as I thought I could find one for but WOW have I been satisfied. This little pot is amazing. It is quite small so you can easily place your nail into the already soaked sponge, without having to place your whole finger in it like the Nails Inc one. I literally only have to twist my nail in the sponge for 10 seconds and it took the nail varnish straight off!

I have tried to avoid using this pot for removing red nail polish as Jess had warned me that then every time you use the pot after you are at risk of staining your finger red! When using a nail pot I would definitely recommend purchasing at least three - one for dark nail polish, one for red and one for light colours. May seem a little weird but honestly it will make the pots last for longer.

I have yet to try this pot on any hard to get off polished like the Nails Inc Feathers as Jess has seemed to acquire them but for taking off general nail paint and any of the gel effect varnishes it removes them instantly.

This is my Pretty Quik Instant Nail Polish Remover one month on:

As you can tell, the sponge has gone a greeny blue colour, which may seem a little nasty but the pot is still usable and I haven't had any stained fingers yet.

Are you a fan of the Nail Varnish Pot? Or do you prefer the good old cotton wool pad and remover?

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