April 15, 2013


Todays Sister Style is my usual casual outfit of leggings, a big baggy tee and a statement necklace. This T-shirt I actually found in Topman over the sale period, I seem to prefer the fit of men's t-shirts and jumpers in most high street stores, as I don't really like figure hugging clothes, I am very slim and VERY small chested, so not really the most womanly figure. I usually fit a men's XS in stores such a Primark, Topman and H&M which isn't for everyone but for me I love it - and they are just so comfy :o)

This statement necklace I picked up in Primark for £4!!! I couldn't believe it. However I'm afraid on the front of this necklace it has some silly little diamantes, which is great if you like the sparkly look but on me it just looks cheap, so I have flipped it around just to reveal the simple gold side. It is on a thick chain and is quite a substantial weight which makes it sit nicely around your neck - I do love a statement necklace!

Do you love the simplicity of a beanie? Have you found any great stores that stock an amazing range of colours?

Beanie (stolen from my mum, I think its for skiing hehe), T-shirt Topman (sale) £10.00, Necklace Primark £4.00, Leggings H&M £7.99 & Brogues Jones Boot maker (sale) £50.00

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