May 28, 2013


Wow wow wee wow! A stunning product by Liz Earle - their Orange Flower Botanical Body Wash has literally blown every shower gel that I have ever used out of the water. Usually I am partial to using only shower cream rather than shower gel as I find it a lot softer on the skin, but this product is simply fantastic.

For anyone who has dry and sensitive skin this product is a great investment as it is naturally formulated and free of sodium lauryl sulphates making it lovely and gentle on the skin. This body wash is absolutely jam packed with beautiful ingredients such as; organic oats, naturally sourced vitamin E, orange flower water and much more, all set to help tone, hydrate and protect the skin.

The best thing for me about this product is the smell, it is absolutely gorgeous. From the moment you open the lid you are met with an intense fresh scent of orange flower, patchouli, lavender and rosemary. A word of warning for those who prefer non-scented products, this will not be for you but personally, I love it as it makes me feel like I'm being treated to a spa experience rather than just a shower.

The product lathered up amazingly when using a washing mitt and really did make me feel squeaky clean.

Finally one more great thing about the Liz Earle body wash is that is contains Glycerin. I have previously mentioned in my 5 simple steps to spring skin post that it is great to use products which contain humectants such as Glycerin, which in a nut shell, draws atmospheric water onto the skin to help aid hydration. For me this is exactly what I look for in a product, additional hydration.

A little pricey for a body wash but a worthy investment for dry and sensitive skin.

Liz Earle Orange Flower Botanical Body Wash 200ml £12.00

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