May 24, 2013


Who doesn't love a good old lather in the shower and a bit of me time? We do! Yes it may be just another shower in between stressful days at work or before feeding the kids...but do you ever think about the history or work that goes behind creating a product or a brand? Simple things we use everyday can easily be over looked.

When we started thinking about this post, we thought we would have a scout around in our bathroom to see what products we use everyday that we overlook. Guess what we found- we keep over 6 different Imperial Leather products for men, for the bath, soap, shower gels etc the list goes on! We realised that we buy these products not knowing where they have come from or why we use them, just that they are there and it's a brand you trust.

When we started Life Looks Perfect, we never thought we would become so obsessed by knowing every detail about what we are buying, the ingredients and the brand but it is really eye-opening. When we were approached by Imperial Leather to review their new shower collection, which we had previously blogged in our empties post, we were wondering...

 "well how can we make a shower gel seem exciting...or at least noticeable on our blog?"

In a world of millions of brands, we forget how important something as simple as shower gel is in our everyday lives. Yes it may not be as glamorous or interesting as the latest nail trend or CC / BB cream but a company that has been around for 125 years and is still in our bathroom cupboards is worth talking about.

Now back to our actual review hehe! We love Imperial Leather, not just for the fact that it has been around for years but it reminds us of our late granny, who never had less than 4 spare Imperial Leather soaps in her cupboard. It's a brand that has evolved through the years and their fragrances are classic. Since starting the brand in 1938, it survived two World Wars and has always developed with the times. Being one of the first brands to invest in TV advertising in the 1950's (for any of you who watch Mad Men, this was a big deal!) Imperial Leather were known for being the best choice as their products lasted longer than any other! Now sold in over 50 countries world wide, Imperial Leather is known by everyone and I bet there is one of their products hiding away in your cupboards.

The brand's heritage has survived a century and has now they claim to have created the "Best Shower Ever" so of course we had to put them to the test. With added bubbles for the ultimate lathering experience, Imperial Leather's latest new and improved shower collection are twice as creamy and twice as bubbly. At a price point of less than £2, they are a worth while purchase!

There are 5 fragrances to choose from in the new shower collection, with something in there for both men and women; Ocean Fresh, Oriental Calm, Japanese Spa, Soft Touch and Citrus Burst. As soon as the sample of Ocean Fresh arrived on our doorstep, the boy stole it straight away! Apologies to the lovely lady who sent it to us, boy's these days! So instead we have reviewed our favourite from the collection; Oriental Calm Shower Cream. We have already  tried and tested this product and have our own little stock of it in our cupboards.  

As both of us have blogged about our love for a shower cream rather than a gel, this shower cream doesn't disappoint. With a fragrance that scents the whole bathroom, one handful of this shower cream covers your entire body in luscious lathering bubbles. Oriental Calm has fragrance notes of cherry blossom and vanilla bean, that transports you to somewhere exotic and as far away from the rainy depressing Spring in London as possible! We both said how long the shower cream lasts as you don't need a lot to get your body feeling silky and smooth. For less than £2 and most of the time you can find it cheaper as it is usually on a  BOGOF deal, Imperial Leather will always remain in our bathrooms.

**Imperial Leather has kindly offered for us to run a competition via our Twitter @Life_looks, where you will have the chance to win the ENTIRE Imperial Leather 5 pieced shower collection. Follow us over on @Life_looks & keep an eye out for the details coming very soon.**

Imperial Leather Oriental Calm Shower Cream £1.89  & Imperial Leather Ocean Fresh Shower Gel c/o. 

Hugs & Kisses
Becki & Jess


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