May 07, 2013


Another amazing product by Liz Earle, to me it's 'liquid gold'! I have been using this body cream every night after showering for the past week, containing notes of lavender and rose-scented geranium this product has definitely replaced my cheeky haulix night cap sending me literally into a state of unconsciousness.

This is a wonderful body cream it is silky sooth and smells absolutely divine. When I squeezed the product onto my hand I presumed it would be of a thick consistency - almost like a mask, but took me completely by surprise as it was the total opposite; a thin, light weight cream which leaves the skin feeling soft, supple and able to breath. I can't express how easily this product was absorbed into the skin - my skin obviousl needed this hydrating drink! Almost instantaneously after applying the product my skin looked visably healthier and literally felt like velvet, with a non sticky finish I think I am in love.

This luxurious cream aids to nourish and replenish moisture back into the skin by using an amazing range of naturally active ingredients, such as; shea butter - set to improve the skins elasticity and retain moister, avocado oil - as avocados are an essential fatty acid it they help to keep skin plump, healthy and youthful in addition leaving the skin feeling smooth and soft.

A key talking and controversial aspect of this product is the smell - personally I really like it, I think it is clean, fresh and simply beautiful. Yes it is quite strong, but leaves you feeling truly treated and indulged in luxury. Some people find the products fragrance too strong and heady but as anything this is a personal opinion - so before purchasing this product give it a sniff and let me know what you think!

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