May 27, 2013


In our new LLP series, we wanted our readers to get to know us a bit. We really don't mind sharing a bit about ourselves, as realistically not that many people know of us and what do we have to hide hehe! We have tried to think of ways that we can share some, mostly likely utterly useless information about ourselves but here we go...Here is 25 things you may have not known about me & I bet a few of my friends and family won't even know this!

  • I can't sleep anywhere without my dog beanie baby named Puppy (a very creative on the name and yes I am aware I am 23!)
  • I hate banana's and fish.
  • I have stood on Wimbledon Tennis' Centre Court at midnight alone.
  • I had the chance to go on stage and sing with Michael Jackson at Wembley Stadium but I was 9 so I froze and couldn't do it. But at least I got to enjoy the concert.
  • I collect artwork by Tracey Emin, I own three limited edition prints so far.
  • I suffer from terrible anxiety.
  • I am at my happiest when Jess and I blast up the volume on the TV, rock out some MJ or Take That and dance like crazy- blood, sweat and tears are always involved.
  • Nail Varnish Remover makes me cough.
  • The sun makes me sneeze, so I am always in my sun glasses :).
  • I freak out about touching wooden ice lolly sticks, I have to either wet or cover the stick before touching it! Summer is a nightmare.
  • I was in Thailand during the 2006 Tsunami about to board a plane to Phuket. We were lucky.
  • I don't want children when I am older but I have chosen my favourite baby names.
  • I have a phobia of being sick.
  • I get into my Pyjama's as soon as I get home and won't get out of them until I have to leave the house, I'm talking it could be days!
  • I don't drink alcohol, never have and never will.
  • My secret allergic reaction, that I couldn't face to share with the blogging world was from La Roche Posay's Effaclar Duo!!!
  • I have a gum addiction.
  • I miss my grandma every day. It's been four years since she has been gone, I have never been the same :(.
  • Jess is my soul mate.
  • I watch a Harry Potter Movie, basically every single night. They are comforting for some reason and make me happy. (LOSER!)
  • I only own designer handbags :O I wish it wasn't true but it is!!
  • I am a Tate member. I love visiting the Tate Modern, get lost in art and walk along the Southbank in the evening with a bag full of freshly bought art books.
  • I hate wearing a bra, I literally have nothing to fill it!
  • I watch QVC! 
  • I WILL own a King Charles Spaniel in my lifetime and name her Audrey. 

Hope you have enjoyed reading my weird and wonderful things about me! There are seriously so random but it is quite hard to think of them on the spot hehe. Look out for Jess' 25 things post. 

Hugs & Kisses


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