May 26, 2013


Another fantastic blogger this week- Leanne from Oh That Curl fashion & beauty blog. We are so excited for Leanne to reveal her wardrobe for this series as OMG we want her style...

With black and grey, a staple colour in Leanne's wardrobe, she rocks a classic style with a grunge-y edge. Taking statement pieces with a bright print or block shade, Leanne has been very clever here and uses pieces from her winter wardrobe right through into summer. Where like us two shopaholics think that our winter and summer wardrobes must look like two different wardrobes all together- yes we are silly and rather addicted to shopping!

But just like Leanne, us two actually spend most of our time peering at our wardrobes full of fab pieces, as we mainly wear PJ's or what we call "comfy clothes", which usually consists of stolen pieces of clothing out of the boy's closet hehe. Baggy tee and track bottoms is what we love best- even if we wouldn't be seen dead out in public wearing them! Like Leanne said

"Lets face it, I'm usually wearing these clothes to go into uni everyday- I don't really have many people to impress" AGREED! And why not be comfy!

Finding you own style, we think is almost impossible these days, with fashion trends changing every week and the stores pumping out garment after garment, us two think its almost impossible to determine our style. Yes we usually know our taste or what we definitely wouldn't buy but our style has been changing every year as we grow. We love that Leanne told us..

"I feel like I've really come in to my own style recently, maybe in the past year, possibly because I moved away to a bigger city and felt I could get away with more adventurous style. I pay more attention on how to style things, but at the same time, not overdo it and keep it simple and stylish"

It is those important moments, whether moving schools, leaving home or starting a new job, that takes us into new territory and our style follows. You are then free to wear what you want and how you want it. Like us Leanne loves the high street and doesn't favour online shopping, which we think is great- as we have spent far too much time wasting shopping online! For Leanne, 

"I don't particularly like shopping online because I have a bit of an awkward shape and I like being able to try clothes on before I buy them. I do however really rate ASOS because they're easy returns and my student discount get put to good use." 

Oh student discount, we miss you! Finally Leanne shared with us that her pride and joy on display is her very glam belly dancing outfit. OK here we are extremely jealous- a lady who can wiggle those hips just like Shakira, deserves all our praise, because it is so blooming difficult!

Thank you so much Leanne for sharing with us your wardrobe and being part of this guest series...yes now we are singing "... I'm on tonight, You know my hips don't lie and I'm starting to feel it's right...." Oooo goodness! Best leave it there...

Check out Leanne's fabulous beauty and fashion blog

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 Hugs & Kisses
Becki & Jess

Disclaimer: All photographs were taken by Leanne with her approval of us posting and editing them for the use in this Guest Post.


  1. Your photographs are so so so pretty.
    I love your post, you have a great way of writing.

    Kelly ||

    1. Thank you Kelly!

      Leanne took all the fab photos :) so jealous of her waredrobe!

      Oh thank you! We do love writing! And hopefully we are starting to get our own little unique style :)

      Becki & Jess


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