May 01, 2013


Becki actually picked this Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation up for herself but found it was a little too dark for her pale skin complexion, so as the little sis I got the hand me down but this time what a result woohoo!

Bourjois have created an exotic fruit cocktail foundation set to hydrate, illuminate and let the skin breathe. A 'healthy mix' of apricot for radiance, melon for hydration, apple for antioxidant and ginger for energy - how much these ingredients actual do I'm not too sure.

Also the answer to the question I think most people would ask is - Yes, it does smell slightly fruity, it was a little weird at first but something you get used to as the smell is not that predominant.

Considering I wasn't there to colour swatch the foundation it is actually a great match to my skin tone (Shade 53), it does  have quite a orange / peachy pigmentation to it but as my skin is orangey' anyway, so I manage to get away with it.

After application the skin looks dewy and fresh with a healthy natural glow which is great, but for those who like quite a full coverage there is a little bit of work to be done with layering the foundation, as I believe it is a medium coverage.

Promising to last up to 16 hours - 'up to' being the key phrase as 2-3 hours after application I found the foundation began to slide a little. It may not of helped that I was going for it jumping around at Wembley Stadium but where my skin is dry, small patches were appearing, this obviously isn't ideal but can be avoided by using a light dusting of powder to hold the foundation in place. As you can see in the picture above my skin tone does look even and clear which is all I wanted. The only thing which is a great shame with this foundation is that it does not have an SPF.

Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation in Shade 53 30ml £9.99

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