May 24, 2013


Yes ladies and gents, we met the fabulous sister duo Pixiwoo aka Sam and Nic Chapman. These extremely busy ladies have taken centre stage on Youtube, the blogging world and are the go to girls for all things make up. Ok so Jess firstly, wanted to say *excuse* the attire, she had just come straight of the tread mill from training one of her clients and to be honest she was a lot warmer than most people in London- it was freezing! To our sister duo x2 chat...

Sam and Nic are warm, funny and so down to earth, which for us as blogging newbies made us feel very relaxed. To start, both Sam and Nic made us giggle by thinking we were twins! Do we look similar? We never think so but maybe we do. We used to be called twins all the time when we were 14 and 16, then we did actually look alike. Always an awkward convo at the checkout in Asda when the checkout gal would without fail always ask our mum if we were twins. It actually started to become a regular conversation at every checkout! But fast forward 7 years and were back to the twin thing woohoo :o)

Jess has always been good with make up, she can manage those tricky smokey eyes and rock a pop lip! Becki on the other hand has always struggled to apply anything more than a flick of eye liner and foundation, so a chance to get some great advice from the make up experts was absolutely amazing.

As this chat was won* by Jess originally, the lovely staff and Pixiwoo sisters allowed Becki to join in the chit chat and even gave us both a jam packed goodie bag. So to the chat... we both sat down and our minds went completely blank - a little star struck at first and unfortunately ended up missing out on most of the things we wanted to ask but we managed to get some great tips and recommendations from Sam and Nic.

Dry skin nightmares

Jess is constantly at war with her dry skin and the first question we had was; do you have a recommenation for foundation for people with dry skin? Or any additional tips to help? Their instant reaction was to mention Yu-Be Moisturising cream, which Sam recommended to help keep your skin soft and supple. In terms of foundation both Nick and Sam thought that the Hello Flawless Oxygen Now in Honey (review HERE) was a perfect colour match for my skin but also recommended Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich Foundation if I wanted to try something new.

Pop-Lip trend

As you know we L.O.V.E a pop lip with a nude or simple face and Pixiwoo seemed to agree. They said the pop lip is perfect for summer and is a quick and simple way to update your look. Nic thought that Becki would be able to wear bright corals and orangey tones with the best match being Mac's Lady Danger, which is now on her wish-list.


Both sisters recommended the cult beauty followers  P50 Balancing Exfoliator by Biologique Recherche. Used as an exfoliating toner after cleansing, Sam and Nic said how it has become a must have in their skin routines. They were introduced to the product by the beauty guru herself Caroline Hirons. Pixiwoo and Caroline's You Tube video (Link HERE) has had a huge impact, with so many ladies out buying Caroline's recommendations and changing how they look after their skin. Honestly this video is a must-see. 

Also both Sam and Nic said that they really dislike serum's in their skincare routine and have ruled them out completely. Nic said that she found them just to be tacky on her face and Sam thought they were just 'another' beauty addiction to get people out there and buying them. Jess has never used a serum before and her skin is faultless, so maybe it might be worth looking into whether a serum is a must-have in your cupboards.

Wearing bold liquid liner

Don't be afraid of adding some colour to your make up bag. Jess has always wanted to try out the SS13 blue eyeliner trend and so what a perfect opportunity to get some advice. Sam told us that it is best to stick to the bold primary colours especially a Cobalt/ Royal blue across the eye lid. We instantly thought of Nails Inc Baker Street! Sam recommended looking at Laura Mercier's range of crème eye-liners, which for Jess Cobalt or Violet would look really amazing with her eyes and complexion.

The smokey eye

This has got to be one of Becki's biggest make up nightmares, eyeshadow and that phrase 'smokey eye'! Recommending just a light creamy shade all of the eye lid, Nic looked eager to show us how it's done, by maybe getting Becki as one of the models for their tutorials later in the day. Unfortunately, Liberty seemed to be on a tight schedule and changes to the plans would not go down well, so Nic and Sam kindly offered to help Becki out with her smokey eye nightmare, by maybe popping to Norwich for a little tutorial, which would be AMAZING! And we would kindly take up your offer ladies. 

...times up!

Sadly the chat was over in a flash and we had to avoid the beautiful Liberty Beauty Hall and head home without even getting onto the topic of Youtube or Sam's Real Technique brushes. But Nic did say, as Jess, got up in her hoodie and trainers, that she should think about doing some Youtube personal training videos, which is a great idea! While Becki keeps behind the camera eating too many custard creams, Jess could help get you fit and healthy in easy and simple steps. Nic also told us to *check out* her brother on Youtube 'The Lean Machines' (SOLD) who are also Youtubers, as Nic mentioned that her brother would fancy her and that we should get in touch hehe! 

It may have been short but it was really an amazing opportunity to meet them, which we are sure would probably never get the chance to. Now we are off to write out new shopping lists!

 Thank you Sam and Nic for sharing some fab recommendations and chatting to us! Would love to meet you again! Power to the sisters whoop whoop!

Hugs & Kisses
Becki & Jess

Disclaimer: *We were lucky enough to meet the Pixiwoo sisters through winning a competition with Liberty's of London that ran during their amazing Brushes with Greatness week in store.



  1. wow really please i stumbled across your blog! some amazing posts and very pretty products, im so very jealous that you met these two amazing ladies! a new blog to follow!

    love amy

    1. Hi Amy,
      Thank you so much- thats so lovely to hear :) we are still fairly new to blogging but we love it! Hope you enjoy reading LLP! Oh honestly we were so shocked when we won! As we never win anything- but being two of us at least we had a better chance hehe!

      Hugs & Kisses
      Becki & Jess


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