May 22, 2013


This foaming extravaganza is from Dove Spa. Jess and I had never really heard of Dove Spa before receiving a few products for us to try from a few of their targeted skin care ranges. We were really excited to try something new and of course had to find out about the brand first and foremost. Dove Spa have created a collection of specialised beauty products that used up and down the country, in all 21 Spa's, owned by Dove. Like most spa's you can indulge in a whole range of beauty treatments from facials to massages all using Dove Spa products.

From these spa's Dove have create a skincare range that is specific to your needs. All of the Dove Spa products are available to purchase both at every Spa and online-bring a little bit of luxury to your home. Right now, Dove Spa products are only available from the Dove Spa website (HERE) but Jess and I think it would be great to see them on the high street soon.

Back to the review, this is the Dove Spa's purifying cleanser, in a self-foaming container, which I had my reservations about, as since reading  Beauty Mouth blog written by beauty guru Caroline Hirons- she has always said never to use anything foaming- foam is for your dishes not your face! With reading and knowing this sound advice - I must agree, a foaming cleanser just isn't for me. 

As much as the product did remove the usual dirt and grime from my skin, the cleanser dried out my skin way too quickly. I do have oily/combination skin so the cleanser felt like it stripped my skin leaving it dry and tight, which I wasn't used to.

On a more positive note, Dove Spa have also created a great little lip & eye make up remover, which I have been using everyday since. The product is in the cutest handbag size container, which although may seem small it has lasted me very well. It's really soft and moisturising leaving your eyes clean and make up free. With added Vitamin A & E, this make up remover can remove even the toughest waterproof mascara. All you have to do is shake the bottle up, which mixes the two liquids and pour onto a cotton pad. I would recommend this for all skin types as it is also fragrance free so it shouldn't irritate your skin.

Dove Purifying Cleansing Foam  £14.50 c/o & Dove Spa Lip & Eye Makeup remover £14.50 c/o

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PS. Jess and I did manage to find only one product from Dove Spa available on so maybe they will introduce more products online soon!

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