May 25, 2013


I would like to say I travel light, but until the contents of my bag was sprawled out all over the table, it doesn't look as little as I thought.

Good grounds to start on - the basics; phone, purse, ipad (or my diary) and oyster card. I think I am completely split when it comes to technology as on one hand, I am a total Apple geek - with my iphone, ipad and MacBook Pro at home, I use all their apps, linking my calendar with a bit of the old icloud and that :o) But then on the other hand, I think you can't go wrong with the good 'old fashioned' pen and paper, hence why I still like to use my filofax, so depending on the day and where I am off too will depend which one I take.

For on the go beauty, I always make sure I have a pop / bright lip colour, as when working in PR you never know what event or what meeting you may have to fly off to, so in order to turn a casual corporate look into a classy diner a quick sweep of lipstick normally does the trick. As well as a blusher 'Hervana’ by Benefit, powder 'Hello Flawless' and 'Erase Paste' concealer by benefit (review HERE) and a mini mascara.

A daily must have in my bag is definitely water and headphones, I absolutely love music, it keeps me awake, positive and is a great alternative way to stay entertained rather than people watching on the tube :o)

And of course a few additional sunglasses, LLP business cards and on the odd occasion a cheeky sausage find there way into my handbag.

Bag - Accessorise (present), ipad case - Tiger £6, Sunglasses - Asos £10, Filofax - Paperchase £59

Hugs & Kisses


  1. Love the sunglasses! Your dog is too cute :)

    1. Thank you! Such a bargin from asos! Hehe he likes to jump in to most of our photographs!

      Becki & Jess


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