June 25, 2013


Sometimes saving the pennies is a must have and I know from experience that just because something is pricey, it doesn't mean it is necessarily better! I know there are hundred's of products out there that we would love to use every day, Molton & Brown Shower gel I'm looking at you but when it comes to an everyday must-have, I head to the high street.

This is a little gem that I picked up in a supermarket, was a bargain in the sale at £1! It is a really rich shower cream that has a lovely soft and lathering texture on the skin. The scent is divine for such a cheap product and of course I had to pick it up in one of my favourite scents; Rose. Of course it is a simple product, no fancy ingredients in this one but I really like it. I can't seem to find it for sale online, which is a shame. However Sainsbury's (if you live in the UK) seems to be the only store selling it. There are lots of products to choose from in the range. I have tried the Lavender Bath cream as well, which is affordable and smells lovely after a hard days work.

Do you have any beauty budget buys that you have found unexpectedly in your local supermarket? 

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  1. I tried the Rose bath cream tonight - it is beautiful! It smells so like Jo Malone Red Roses - a really heady blooming rose. Thanks for the review! :)


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