June 21, 2013


Hello lovely readers! We can't believe a whole month has passed and we having been writing away for five months! Time has flown by and our blog is growing from strength to strength!

This month, both of us have been so busy with life outside Life Looks Perfect, it's been the first time we have really had some challenging weeks keeping up to date with our blogging schedule. We hate not having the time for blogging, as for us it is something that we have become so passionate about. But even though it has been tough, we were excited to attend our first blogger event, which although was nerve racking, the pr team and the brand made us feel at home.

With Jess, jet setting off to New York and Rome, it has certainly made us realise how much we love working together on the blog and it's just not the same when we are apart! (Cheesy Cheesy!) But on the plus side, little Arnie has been back in the family home! And he loves it!

With Jess' big 21st birthday and the sun finally shining in London, we hope to keep you entertained with lots of beauty, fashion and hopefully a few more 'Get to know the ladies behind LLP'! We are also hopefully going to be writing together now for Trend Life Magazine, which Becki wrote her first article for this month!

We would love for you to let us know if you would like us to write any themed posts or what you would like to see more of, on Life Looks Perfect!

Hugs & Kisses
Becki & Jess


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