June 07, 2013


To be honest this was quite a difficult post, It;s hard to think of 25 things about yourself, but has been great fun to do as it reminds me of all the random, awkward and hilarious moments and memories that I have so far. I hope you enjoy reading my random facts :o)

  • I used to put the jockey piece from monopoly in a little bag under my pillow and pretend it was Maximus from Gladiator (Russell Crowe)
  • I have only been in love once and think of that person everyday.
  • I cried in ASDA when I spoke to Gianfranco Zola on the phone (Chelsea legend)
  • I absolutely love going to the gym and training myself.
  • I have an addiction to pressing buttons!
  • I always check the tissue after blowing my nose.
  • My best friend and I stole milk from the milkman and slept in the back of my Dad's van (in the dark) because we didn't want to get told off for coming home late.
  • I couldn't live without mascara
  • I swam with dolphins in the Dominican Republic
  • I'm always in a relationship - not sure whether that's a good or bad thing :s
  • I want to travel but I am too scared.
  • My Mum used to call me chunky chips when I was a baby due to my massive legs - excellent!
  • I was definitely the teacher's pet, games captain of the school - dork!
  • I always chew the tops of pens and pen lids!
  • I suffer from claustrophobia
  • I hate the rain - but who doesn't
  • I watch Countdown!
  • I have a phobia of eating anything red other than tomatoes and peppers which stems from my phobia of strawberries.
  • I don't know what I would do without Becki!
  • I was in Munich at the game when Chelsea won the Champions League!
  • I have three tattoos; one all the way down my back, two on my arm and two more to come woohoo!
  • I fall asleep when someone tickles my back.
  • I tried being vegan for a month and loved it!
  • I watch a Disney film everyday!
  • My nail polish collection is hitting over 100!
Hugs & Kisses


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