June 17, 2013


 Another nail must-have today, with the Bourjois Magic One Second Nail Varnish Remover. I love these little pots as they are so easy and seems to ditch the wasted hundreds of cotton pads! This one is huge! I was so surprised by it's weight and length, as I know that my finger certainly wouldn't reach the bottom of the pot.

I must say that in comparison to the Nails Inc Express Nail Polish Remover pot & Pretty Quik Instant Nail Polish Remover sponge's, I do not like the tight squeaky nature of this pot. The only way I can explain is it gives me goosebumps a bit like the feeling of cotton wool or scratching on a chalk board! This nail polish remover pot does aim to nourish your nails whilst removing your polish as it contains sweet almond oil, which is an essential oil good for moisturising the skin and your nails.

However, as I was a little wary of this squeaky remover pot, I decided to put it through a few nail polish removing tests and see if it lives up to its "One Second" name. I was so surprised that it does!

Literally all you have to do, is leave your finger in the remover pot for a second, twist and most normal nail varnishes come straight off. It is the quickest remover I have ever used. However, on the Glitter test, it took at least 2-3 minutes on each finger but glitter truly is a bugger to get off! I am sure many of you know this but once you use a glitter nail varnish in one of these pots, you will get glitter all over your finger each time you use it again. So be warned.

I have only recently bought this so would be good to maybe to update how long it lasts, as I know both the Nails Inc and Pretty Quik pots are going strong. Do you have a favourite nail remover pot?

Bourjois Magic One Second Nail Varnish Remover 75ml  £4.99

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