June 29, 2013


From the winner of The Apprentice welcome StyleFile! I get through so many nail files every month as my nails seem to grow at the speed of light. This little fella is a bit different from the usual flat and straight nail files. This nail file differs by its curved S shape, which should naturally shape your nail whilst you file. One side is for shaping and the other for smoothing.

I must say, this nail file was so quick and easy to use and it shaped my nails perfectly. I would definitely recommend using the Stylefile but I was given this as a birthday present so I am not sure I would pay just under a fiver for this. Ir does seem very expensive. If the Stylefile is long lasting then the price might seem reasonable. 
Have you tried the Stylefile? If you have, has it lasted well?  Stylefile £4.49 c/o

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