June 06, 2013


This may just be the sexiest surprise ever all in one little nail varnish! I have always wanted to try products from the amazing brand Illamsqua, so I thought what a better way to try out my first product in a nail varnish. Now, I won't lie here but I love a black nail. Through all the crazed arty nail trends, I have never fallen out of love with a simple but sexy black nail.

Now to my surprise, when I purchased Illamasqua Scorn online at Selfridges, I thought I was buying just the usual simple glossy nail varnish. Well I was wrong! When I usually paint my nails, I am sit in front of the TV watching some trashy reality show with a face mask on. The ultimate girly night in! So when I was leaving my first nail to dry using this nail varnish, I wasn't really paying attention to it. When I finally took my eyes off the crap TV, I couldn't believe that the polish had gone matte.

I may seem a tad over excited here but I have never used or even seen a matte nail varnish before. It must have been a trend that I had totally missed out on! The results were amazing. I quickly looked up the nail shade on Illamasqua's website and realised that it was a matte shade and it wasn't my dodgy eyes hehe.

So this is the result! Scorn looks insane on the nails. It's dark, sexy and powerful! I love the matte effect, as it is something I have never tried before. When I wore it for a few days, it stayed on my just usual nail varnishes with a few chips (but I do put it through its paces as a florist). The black is unlike any black varnish I have bought before, as it is such an intense and pure black tone. I love it! Even though my mum did say I look like I have witches nails- I said love it even more then hehe!

Illamasqua Matte Nail varnish in Scorn £14.50

Have you tried a matte nail varnish before? Which colours look best?

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